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Rural Sourcing From The Source: Student’s Perspective

Listening to the concept behind Rural Sourcing can be stimulating, but do the benefits truly have enough long-term benefits to warrant changing a business plan to adhere to it?  I’ll leave you to decide that after you finish studying.  Meanwhile, … Continue reading

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Local vs Global: Culture Matters

Globalization has been on everybody’s mind for years now. We buy toys and souvenirs produced in China, consider health services in Asian Pacific countries, and dream about going on an African safari some day. Yet, anecdotal evidence aside, globalization plays a … Continue reading

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Does Size Matter?

When working with geographically-diverse teams there are many attributes to be taken into consideration. Much has been written about time zone, communication, and cultural differences. However team size and project duration can also be a factor in determining cost effectiveness … Continue reading

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Effective Communication Requires Relationships

A key benefit rural sourcing offers over offshore is improved communication. As a believer in the Agile Manifesto and its associated principles, I am keenly aware that, “The most efficient and effective method of conveying information to and within a … Continue reading

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Overcoming Distributed Team Hurdles

A few years back, I had the unique opportunity to manage an offshore practice.   It was undoubtedly the most challenging management post I’ve ever held.     That first trip to Bangalore was thrilling – the food, the culture, the sites, the … Continue reading

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