What is Rural Sourcing?

Rural Sourcing is a high-value alternative to local, near, and offshore outsourcing.
In this model, development centers are created in rural communities near a major University. By combining industry leading technologists with highly motivated and talented University graduates, Improving has assembled some of America’s most productive and affordable development teams. Furthermore, regional proximity to major cities provides convenient access when in-person communication is desirable.

Reduce Cost
Achieving optimal results at a reduced cost is becoming increasingly important in today’s competitive business environment; almost every company faces this challenge, especially in the area of technology. As a result, company executives have applied tremendous pressure to shift IT work offshore in order to leverage lower labor rates in Asia, Eastern Europe, and South America. While the promise of savings lures many companies, most are disappointed in the overall return of their initial offshore investments.

Mitigate Risk
The difference between expected and actual offshore yield can occur for many reasons, however, underestimated risk and project suitability are two of the most common causes.

As a company contemplates technology outsourcing, it should therefore carefully consider their expectations in the context of risk and compatibility. A thorough understanding of these factors will result in sound decisions, saving significant time, effort, and frustration.

A Better Alternative
Improving’s Executives and Consultants have extensive experience in each of the major outsourcing strategies; we pioneered one of the first Rural Development Centers in Texas and in the same period helped to establish successful offshore Centers in Chennai and Bangalore. This unique experience gives us an unmatched understanding of the risks, yields, and suitability of each of the business models and development teams

About Improving
Improving. It’s more than a name… it’s what we do. Since our inception in 2004, we have prided ourselves in the improvement of our people, clients, and services. As an active proponent of blue ocean strategy (W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne), we have challenged basic assumptions of traditional technology service models. In doing so, Improving has created several new and innovative solutions that provide true, sustained, and meaningful value to our customers.